Face Time with Chad Tim Tim

Chad Tim Tim's knowledge and love for skating is deep.Through years on board of ups and downs with sponsors, injuries, video parts and more, Tim Tim has put in work. Now, with backing from Element, he's able to take care of his family doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing: skateboarding.
Once you've spent some time with the videos, check out some lists of Tim Tim's favorite things.

10 Favorite skate video parts
10. John Cardiel in "Sight Unseen"
9. Matt Reason's "411 Profile"
8. Dan Drehobl in "Free Your Mind"
7. Marc Johnson in "Modus Operandi"
6. Jason Dill in "Photosynthesis"
5. Kenny Anderson in "Hot Chocolate"
4. Danny Montoya and Rob G's old "411 Profiles"
3. Anthony Van Engelen in "Mind Field"
2. Mike Carroll in "Modus Operandi"
1. Guy Mariano in "Mouse"

9 Tricks to try in SKATE
1. Frontside shove-it
2. Bigspin
3. 360 flip
4. Kickflip
5. Switch frontside shove-it
6. Nollie heelflip
7. Switch heelflip
8. Fakie 360 flip
9. Fakie bigspin

8 Best skaters from Long Beach, Calif.
1. Ron Chatman
2. Rich Colwell
3. Caesar Singh
4. Scott Kane
5. Darrell Stanton
6. Steffan Attardo
7. Justin Reynolds
8. Rob Gonzales and Danny Montoya

7 Bands/Musicians to get hyped
1. Hillsong United
2. Worship band at The Garden
3. Bob Dylan
4. Elliott Smith
5. Jeff Tweedy
6. Sea and Cake
7 Early to mid-'90s hip hop

6 Favorite places traveled
1. Australia: I love people there and the weather is nice!
2. Barcelona: Who doesn't like this place? Good food, people and skate spots.
3. New York: I love the feel of just walking around Manhattan. Lots of food too.
4. Hawaii: My family is from Kauai. I wish I could spend more time there.
5. Tokyo: The hustle and bustle there is fun. I could go in debt just buying Knick-knacks!
6. China: good people and the foods not bad!

5 Things to read
1. The Book of John from The Bible
2. Genesis from The Bible
3. Into Thin Air by John Krakauer
4. The Giver by Lois Lowry
5. The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre

4 Skate essentials
1. Skateboard
2. Water
3. Food
4. Prayer

3 Can't live withouts
1. Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
2. My wife and daughter
3.. Family and friends

2 Other people with double last names
1. Other Tim Tims
2. You tell me! (Ed. Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

1 Funny thing heard or seen recently
1. My daughter is hilarious. Every day is a new adventure and every day she makes me laugh.