Word Association With Ishod Wair

Ishod Wair is the quiet kid from New Jersey who has everyone talking. You just might not know it quite yet because he is doing it the old-fashioned way. Winning contest's, destroying the streets and skating with the right people. It's amazing to think that at 19, with such an impressive list of sponsors, Ishod has yet to have a single major part in this increasingly video-trophic society. But with Real, Nike and Fourstar backing him, you can rest assured that If you haven't heard of Ishod Wair today, you will be talking about him tomorrow.

Philadelphia : Everyone thinks I'm from Philly 'cause I always skate there but I'm

New Jersey: It's really nice to live here but there isn't much to skate around this place. I'm in more of a metro area, closer to Philly. It's just a little town, not really much to see.

Phoenix Am: It was super hot. Like a dry heat. It was just really cool to go out there and winning it was pretty cool too.

Contests skating: Contests are cool because you get to see everyone you don't normally get to skate with and that's fun. I'm going to be skating in the New York Maloof Money Cup am contest but I don't know about anything else so far.

Deluxe: They are just really cool people. Really nice and down to earth. Fun to skate with.

Mic-E Reyes: He is the coolest guy ever. So rad.

Love Park: It's annoying skating there 'cause you always get kicked out by cops.

Jersey Shore: They are blow-outs and I hate them.

Music: Rap. Oh and I've been listening to a lot of Rick James lately.

YouTube: I love YouTube man, I'm on it all day long. I love watching those parts.

Nike Trip: Oh that was fun. I don't think I was supposed to be on it as long as I was. I was only supposed to be there for a week but I ended up staying longer. I got to meet everyone and they were super cool.

Video Parts: I got a part coming out in my friend's video called "Memory Gun." Besides that, just trying to film and skate and put something together.

Face Tattoos: I think they're cool I guess. I don't know, I'd have a hard time thinking of something to tattoo on my face.

Shredders: Tom Asta.

Reign skateshop: It's Chris Cole's shop. It's super cool because Tom (Asta) lives right down the street and I live like, 15 minutes away. We're always skating together. We'll just be like, "Oh, let's meet up at the shop," and then we go skate the local park.