Donny Barley reunites with Element

Barley frontside ollies back in '01 during his original tenure with Element. Courtesy of Element

Longtime ripper and one-time Element pro, Donny Barley had reunited with Element in a new role. Barley, whose last position was as a pro skater for Zoo York's Masters Division, will be stepping away from his role as a pro and working in Element's sales and marketing departments as the head of East Coast Retail Relations.

Barley will continue to operate his Providence, Rhode Island skateshop, Fountain of Youth while taking on this new job.

Barley first made the scene in skateboarding in the early 1990s riding for Toy Machine and coming through with a breakout part in Dan Wolfe's seminal film, "Easter Exposure 3: Underachievers." Barley went on from there to ride for Element and earned the coveted last part in their "World Tour" video in 2000. After Element, Barley briefly rode for Birdhouse skateboards before settling in for a fairly long stint with Zoo York. Now Barley has come full circle and reunited with Element for this new chapter in his career and his life.