Vans Downtown Showdown Results

Abdias Rivera on Black Label's "Back On The Wagon" feature. Ben Karpinski

The sixth annual Vans Downtown Showdown was held Saturday night on the Paramount Studio backlot, once again gathering four custom-built skate features from the bizarre minds of the top teams in skateboarding.

This year's event featured Black Label's bar-themed "Off The Wagon," Zero's four-way tranny setup called "Reign In Blood," the Beauty and the Beast tour combination of Girl and Antihero called Pretzel Grip's square bowl, the "Time Trial Classic," and Foundation's end-all-be-all carcass toss, the "What The F?"

Pretzel Grip was comprised of a morally questionable, contest-crushing combination of pros including brand new Chocolate pro Vincent Alverez, Tony Trujillo and Chris Pfanner took the top spot, followed by Zero and -- for the first time on the Downtown Showdown podium, Powell Peralta.

Alverez won the top individual pro spot, while Nick Merlino took top am ranking.

Rumors are swirling that this could be the last Downtown Showdown, but the only thing that's for sure is that this was absolutely the best one yet. One hundred percent Southern California shredding in the (faux) streets of New York. How can you beat that?

Results By Feature
Black Label's "Off the Wagon"
1. Chris Cole (Zero) - $2,500
2. Chris Pfanner (Pretzel Grip/Anti-Hero) - $1,500

3. Nick Merlino (Foundation) - $1,000

Pretzel Grip's "Time Trials Classic"

1. Omar Hassan (Black Label) - $2,500

2. Steven Reeves (Powell Peralta) - $1,500

3. Nolan Munroe (Powell Peralta) - $1,000

Zero's "Blood Bath"

1. Vincent Alvarez (Pretzel Grip/Chocolate) - $2,500

2. Guillaume Mocqui (Element) - $1,500

3. Tony Trujillo (Pretzel Grip/Anti-Hero) - $1,000

Foundation's "F'd Up Stair Set"

1. Nick Merlino (Foundation) - $2,500

2. Garrett Hill (Zero) - $1,500

3. Chris Cole (Zero) - $1,000

Top Am Performance – Nick Merlino (Foundation) - $5,000

Top Pro Performance – Vincent Alvarez (Pretzel Grip/Chocolate) - $5,000

Overall Team Winner – Pretzel Grip (Girl/Anti-Hero) ($30,000), Zero 2nd ($15,000), Powell Peralta 3rd ($5,000)