Ergo clothing Cannon signature pant ($62)

The Ergo Andrew Cannon signature pants stretch where you need them to for solid skating performance. Courtesy of Ergo

Ergo clothing has been in the skate and surf apparel game for a little while now. They're a smaller outfit than some of the dominant brands in the space but they're gaining momentum and doing things right. Our own Andrew Cannon has been riding for Ergo for some time and the brand recently rewarded his loyalty with a signature pant.

The Andrew Cannon signature pant from Ergo is a simple, tasteful and highly functional piece of skate apparel. No nonsense. No gimmicks. Just a solid pair of pants to go skateboarding in.


While there are several brands and pieces of clothing out there that are trying desperately to make a stand-out fashion statement, many skater (this one included) prefer to wear and skate in clothes that reflect skating's working-class, work wear style roots. If that's the look you're going for, these just may be the pants for you. A full sized stretch cotton twill pant with 18-inch leg openings, these pants are not for the skinny jean crazed fashionistas. The stretch cotton allows your legs to move, breath and even take some spills tearing them apart. If you flip up the cuff of these pants, there's an embroidered message urging folks to "Listen to Slayer," one of Cannon's favorite bands.

Here's what the folks at Ergo had to say about Cannon and his pant: "Reckless, hated, and chiseled ... These are all words that have never been associated with Andrew Cannon. A 25-year-old native to Pennsylvania, who grew up on a farm skating back and forth in his barn for hours. Although he looks more like a dad, he truly is a metal head and these signature pants are an ode to his all- time favorite band ... SLAYER!"

As for Cannon, he couldn't be happier about his threads. "These pants have the right amount of stretch for my tree trunk legs, they are black like the night and Listening to Slayer will never go out of style."

You can purchase Cannon's Ergo pant at your local skateshop or online through Ergo's online store.