Trevor Colden wins Tampa Am

Day 1
Day 2

After an action packed finals day at Tampa Am 2011, Trevor Colden is number one. This was only Colden's second time at Tampa Am but the Virginia native said, "I love coming because I get to skate with everyone. Last time I was here a lot of these kids weren't, so it was fun to skate with them."

Luke Hampton took second and Evan Smith took third.

The day began with an incredible semi-finals, with Colden starting off in heat number one and landing all of his tricks solid. Switching off his gap and rail tricks each run, you could tell Colden was looking good from the start. Ishod Wair, who had his arm in a sling on Friday, was the next person to stand out. Although, his usual attack attack attack format was switched around because he said he felt a bit sick, his collected approach got his score into the 90s.

This year, they announced who was at the top of the pack as the day moved on and once young Tyson Bowerbank took his first run, with a flawless run consisting of a backside 360 kickflip down the stairs and a backside 270 lip 270 out on the bump to ledge, everyone knew that he would be tough to beat. That was until fellow Utah resident Brodie Penrod took his last run. Penrod impressed everyone by flipping in or out of most tricks and stomping each move, helping him secure the top spot heading into the finals.

The top 10 were ranked and they met up with the golden ticket winners from Friday and Saturday. It went from two runs in the semi-finals to three in the finals. After the first run through of the rotation it seemed as though Evan Smith was the man that everyone wanted to win. He sped through the course riding on walls, doing grinds 10 feet longer than anyone else and having a great time. Kevin Romar had no trouble jumping down the gap which he demonstrated by doing an effortless nollie bigspin heelflip and a nollie backside 360 down it. He even spiced it up by doing a nollie inward heelflip late backside 180 off a bump that was met with applause. Romar's downfall was that he did not skate the entire course, and here at Tampa Am that just doesn't cut it.

The underdog of the finals, Luke Hampton had an insane second run. Coming all the way from Minnesota, Hampton landed a lot of tricks but the one that stood out was the head high kickflip frontside indy grab on the quarterpipe.

Smith, who was the man to beat going into the finals, was unable to stay on his board for an entire run. Although he blew everyone's mind with a bunch of incredible tricks including a 180 fakie 5-0 grind revert up the escalator quarter pipe, it is consistency that helps you win Tampa Am. But third place for the always-happy Orlando native seemed just fine.

Hampton couldn't put his third run together, but his second run was enough to put the pressure on the rest of the guys on run three. That's when Colden showed everyone how it should be done. With perfect form he executed his final run, which included a perfect frontside crooked grind down the big hubba ledge and a clean big spin frontside boardslide down the big rail.