The Canyons is popping off

Rumors are flying that there may be a bit of a changing of the guard going on in Utah. Could The Canyons Resort be taking over the park scene from Park City? Terrain park manager Steven Duke notes that when he first came to The Canyons it was a skier-friendly resort with little to offer snowboarders. "I want to make this the best park in the country," says Duke. "My whole park staff are snowboarders, so shredding is our foremost priority." With heavy hitters like Derek Dennison, Drew Fuller, Erin Comstock, Heikki Sorsa, Jonah Owen, MFM, Dylan Thompson, Pat Fenelon, Casey Nelson, Chris Carr and Jordan Mendenhall riding Canyons, it seems to be on the come up. Here Dennison gets his upside-down on in The Canyons park. (Photo: Sean Sullivan )