Ten years with Finga On Da Trigga

Banger rail shots and hip hop are back for the tenth year with Finga On Da Trigga Productions latest release, "The Area." Marc Frank Montoya mixed a special tribute to Gang Starr's Guru for the sound track, which pays tribute to 21 years of hip hop and 10 years of its influence on their snowboard films. The lineup of riders in this year's film includes: MFM, Lucas Magoon, Johnnie Paxson, Dylan Thompson, Travis Kennedy, Jonah Owen, Jake Devine, Derek Dennison, Cory Cronk, Matty P and several other guests. The film will release this fall. Check out the teaser. Here we have Jake Devine, Cory Cronk and Matty P, filmer Drew Satin, and producer Cole Taylor looking gangster. (Sean Sullivan)