Plug and Play

Film parts are the litmus test for the snowboarder's snowboarder. From one legendary line like Johan Olofsson's timeless "TB5" stunner, to technical progression showcased by one snowboarder year after year, solid movie parts are what turns riders into legends. And while pros dial in new tricks and lines, the filmmakers log -- and edit -- thousands of hours of footage, all in an effort to express their ultimate vision of snowboarding. With pro-level cameras and editing software being cheaper and more accessible than ever, making a "snowboard video" might be easier now than in days of old, but with so many movies out there, making a classic has never been tougher. Snowboarding's top movie producers tell us why their cinematic stylings will be most likely to push your buttons this season in our Fall Filmmakers Feature. (top - 9191/Sullivan, bottom - Brain Farm, Deeper/Lightcap)