Absinthe Films ~ "NowHere"

With an international flair and powder-hungry heads at the helm, Absinthe's output is always stylish and packed with a solid mix of big names (many with umlauts) and lesser-known talents. Most of the filmers started out as photographers, including fire-starter Justin Hostynek, who claims that this "translates to more thought-out composition and an overall feeling that is more three dimensional than your average 2D snowboard porn. It also results in featuring our most spectacular character, Winter, as a main recurring attraction." "NowHere" delivers grand action more likely to result in a back board than a front board. "The park [is] a practice zone before stepping it up to doing the things that you learn [there] into the more difficult powder landings," says Hostynek. "Same goes for rails... We do show the occasional park moment if it's epic, but it's more like filming someone practicing their grabs on the trampoline before taking it live." (Wolle Nyvelt by Scott Sullivan)