Pirate Movie Productions ~ "Hooked"

Austria's Pirates have developed a following by taking creativity seriously, from the riding to the filming to their final DVD packaging that includes a 100-page art book, all done by Pirates with pens, pencils and paint. (Art Pirates!) "We find that when the riders are given freedom of expression great things happen," explains captain Basti Balser. "All of our riders have different styles and visions... The rider's style determines the location and we come up with creative ways to capture the action." Riders stateside tend to associate the Pirates with Gigi Rüf and the Helgasons, but they aren't the only swashbucklers doing amazing things on their boards. "We like to use the best of all formats available," says Balser of their filming approach. "We try to stay as analog as possible, using 8mm or 16mm, but have found ways to integrate new formats such as RED footage to enhance the quality of the film." (Death Pirates by Danny Larsen)