Brain Farm Digital Cinema ~ "Flight"

Speaking of helicopters... Out of Jackson, Wyo. comes Brain Farm, one of the more intense crews making shred flicks today. If you missed the epic That's It, That's All" you must have been in a coma. Director Curt Morgan's cinematic perfectionism combined with partner Travis Rice's next-level riding means that these two-year projects are always worth the wait. Brain Farm is halfway through filming "Flight" (set to release fall 2011), which will feature Rice and hand-picked heavies Scotty Lago, Mark Landvik, John Jackson, Jake Blauvelt and Jeremy Jones. "Our style is pretty intense," says producer Chad Jackson. "We strive for high production value, which makes traveling and shooting logistics more of a production than most. We always use all kinds of new camera technology and stay on top of what is going to make the riding and peripherals look insanely vivid and inspiring." Talk about an understatement. (courtesy of Brain Farm)