Peep Show ~ "Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow"

This all-female outing has come up with the best snowboard movie title since "Whiskey." "The best way to describe our filming style is: we don't have a style," says Peepshow co-owner/rider June Bhongjan. "We work with a lot of different videographers, so our video is [a patchwork]. We try to stay away from the overproduced triple angle, slow-mo, special effects look, and keep it raw and simple. We try to show a lot of personality and emotion in the way it relates to our riders and their way of snowboarding. It can be stops at the grocery store, making music, parties, playing tricks or eating s---." Peepshow emphasizes urban riding with a soupçon of backcountry. "It seems like most videos spend so much energy on overproducing and equipment that they forget about what's behind the lens," she adds. "To me it's not just snowboarding and tricks; it's about what makes us snowboard and the lifestyle around it." (Laura Hadar by Dave Brewer)