Bald E-Gal Productions ~ "Poachers 10"

Not many snowboarders "save up to go ride in central Minnesota," but these Bald E-Gal boys keep it pretty homey with a focus on urban riding throughout the icy Midwest. The cold connoisseurs have made 10 surprisingly "big boy-caliber" films to date, including "The Kaw," and count Minn. legend Dan Brisse among their riders. "A lot of crews come to Minnesota to film snowboarding and our riders [often] shred with them and hopefully get some footage out of the deal, too," says producer Justin Turkowski. "Most snowboarders live in non-ideal places for shredding, so we try to show viewers a bunch of hungry kids shredding everything in front of them," adds co-producer Mike Thienes. "I have a retail background of 18 years [skate and snow], so I try to make a video the customers of local shops can relate to, and that is something that a lot of big production companies overlook." (Sam Fenton by A. dodds, ryan paul by N. Harrington)