Peetu's TTR World Champion three-peat

Wins like Piiroinen's first place finish in pipe and second in slope at the Burton European Open are what make him truly a "World Champion." Courtesy of Burton/TTR

Even though a rib injury kept him from competing in The Oakley Arctic Challenge this past weekend, results from the 6Star TTR event have been tabulated and it has just been confirmed that no one will be able to overtake Peetu Piiroinen in TTR World Tour points this winter. This will be Piiroinen's third TTR World Champion title.

The TTR World Tour rankings are determined by averaging the top seven TTR contest results in a season. The system is designed to award riders who compete in multiple disciplines throughout the year. Though a handful of high-level snowboarders like Iouri Podladtchikov, Christian Haller and Seppe Smits compete in halfpipe, slopestyle and big air, only Piiroinen consistently podiums in all three. The quiet destroyer from Finland claimed first in halfpipe and second in slopestyle at the Burton European Open in January, and placed first and second in the last two Air & Style big air contests in Munich and Innsbruck, respectively. All of his wins have been 6Star wins -- the highest level of competition on the TTR tour.

There is one final TTR 6Star event this season -- the US Open of Snowboarding, in March -- the results of which will determine the final standings in the rest of the men and women's tour rankings list. Currently Belgium's Seppe Smits is sitting in second place, with Sebastien Toutant -- who couldn't compete in The Arctic Challenge due to a rib injury sustained at the Air & Style Munich -- and Mark McMorris right behind in third and fourth.

On the women's side, Jamie Anderson and Kelly Clark are both undefeated in the respective disciplines that they each dominate. Anderson's two TTR 6Star halfpipe competition results have helped bolster her wins in slopestyle, keeping her in first place in the women's Tour rankings all season. With her win at The Arctic Challenge last week, and her probable podium at the US Open, her first place finish is all but assured at this point.

Since there are not as many halfpipe competitions on the TTR Tour as there are slopestyle competitions, and Clark does not compete in slope, she is currently sitting in eleventh in the Tour point ranking. However, if Clark wins the next two TTR contests -- the Grand Prix in Mammoth on March 5 and the US Open -- she will move into second place, under Anderson. If she decides to compete in slopestyle at the Open, and places in the top 12, she could win the Tour.

The top five men and top three women will share the 200,000-dollar prize purse, to be awarded at the end of the US Open. The top ten men receive automatic invites to all 5Star and 6Star TTR events in the 2011/2012 season.