2011 Snowboard movie trailers

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You may be hanging on to that bathing suit, furiously protesting that it's only August, and it's way too early to be thinking about winter. But up in the mountains summer is already showing signs of giving way to fall, and snowboard filmmakers have been hard at work putting the final touches on movies that are about to start releasing like a semi-automatic rifle with a stuck trigger.

There are so many movies to choose from this year. To take a tour through the previews of what's to come, check out this comprehensive list of teasers from snowboard movies that will very soon be coming to a theater near you.

Brain Farm: "The Art of Flight"
Two years in the making, Travis Rice and Curt Morgan are bringing the highest-caliber cinematography and riding ever seen in a snowboard movie. Featuring: Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Müller, DCP and Pat Moore. TOAF premieres Sept. 7 in NYC (and is already sold out). TrailerVideo

Standard Films: "TB20"
Standard Films has been making snowboard movies for 20 years. Twenty. This one looks like it could be one of the best to date. Featuring: Halldor Helgason, Sammy Luebke, Blair Habenicht, Mark Carter, Xavier De Le Rue, Kimmy Fasani, Ryan Tiene, Torstein Horgmo, Lonnie Kauk, Raewyn Reid, Gulli Gudmundsson, Gjermund Braaten, Mathieu Crepel, Leanne Pelosi, Kevin Jones, Eiki Helgason, Mads Jonsson and Aaron Biittner. "TB20" premieres Sept. 16 at Red Rocks. TrailerVideo

Peep Show: "Winter Wars"
Lo-fi awesomeness featuring the tough-as-nails snowboarding of one of the hardest all-female crews of shredders around. Featuring: Bryn Valaika, Claudia Avon, Colleen Quigley, Danyale Patterson, Darrah Reid-McLean, Desiree Melancon, Gabi Viteri, Jess Kimura, Joanie Robichaud, Laura Hadar, Madison Blackley, Silvia Mittermuller and friends.

Absinthe Films: "twel2ve"
The always awesome Absinthe Films slimmed its riding crew down to 12 snowboarders this year, so they could deliver parts that went a little deeper. Featuring an A-list cast of characters: Annie Boulanger, Bode Merrill, Dan Brisse, DCP, Gigi Rüf, JP Solberg, Lucas Debari, Mat Schaer, Nicolas Müller, Romain de Marchi, Sylvain Bourbousson and Wolle Nyvelt. "twel2ve" premieres Aug. 26 in Park City. TrailerVideo

Videograss: "Shoot The Moon"
Videograss made two movies this year, and they're already out. The first features: Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Olson-Elm, Jed Anderson, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Bennee, Louif Paradis, Mikey Leblanc, Nick Dirks, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham and Zac Marben.

Videograss: "Retrospect"
The second Videograss offering features Alex Andrews, Alex Cantin, Ben Bilocq, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Ethan Deiss, Jake Kuzyk, Harrison Gordon, Knut Eliasen and Xavier De Le Rue.TrailerVideo

Givin: "One"
Veteran filmer Aaron Hooper and new jack hustler Keegan Valaika show us what the new kids on the block are all about. Featuring: Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika, Wyatt Stasinos, Shayne Pospisil, Timmy Ronan, Cody Rosenthal, Doran Laybourn, Jonas Michilot, Robbie Walker, Alex Stathis, Brendan Keenan, Nick Russell, Mason Aguirre, Jake Koia, Benny Urban and friends. TrailerVideo

Capita: "Defenders of Awesome"
The name of the movie says it all. Full-length team video featuring Scott Stevens, Brandon Cocard, Cale Zima, TJ Schneider, Laura Hadar, Dustin Craven, Jess Kimura, Dan Brisse, Phil Jacques, Andrew Burns and Mike Rav. Capita's been releasing rider-specific teasers all summer, and so far they've all been, well, awesome. TrailerVideo

Burton Snowboards: "Standing Sideways"
It's a Burton team video, and it's not like the team sucks. The teaser is tongue-in-cheek, and half the riders on the team should be stand-up comedians so it looks like this movie will be a good time. Featuring: Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Müller, Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, Mikey Rencz, Frederik Kalbermatten, Keegan Valaika, Mikkel Bang, Kazu Kokubo, Mark Sollors, Zak Hale, Mark McMorris, Ethan Deiss, Alex Andrews and Stephan Maurer.

YES: "YES. It's a Movie"
YES. It's a pretty impressive roots-level snowboard team, with a roster of off-the-hook snowboarders. YES. This is their movie. Featuring: DCP, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Tadashi Fuse, Benji Ritchie, Helen Schettini, Mikee Pederson, Madison Ellsworth, Jake Koia, Stian Solberg and Frank April. Premieres Aug. 26 with "twel2ve." TrailerVideo

Think Thank: "Ransack Rebellion"
From the always original mind of Jesse Burtner, featuring Jesse Burtner, Matt Edgers, Sean Genovese, Pat Mibery, Nick Visconti, Tim Eddy, Mark Thompson, Jason Robinson, Andre Spinelli, Austen Granger, Chris Beresford, Austin Hironaka and more. TrailerVideo

Sandbox: "Day and Age"
Canada's pride. Featuring the always hilarious Andrew Hardingham and a delightful cast of characters including Rusty Ockenden, Mikey Pederson, Clint Allan, Trevan Salmon, Cory Gallon, Steve Cartwright, Matt Belzile, Beau Bishop, Dave Short, Jake Kuzyk, Kevin Sansalone and more. Movie premieres Sept.10 in Whistler. TrailerVideo

Rome/Kids on Shred: "The Shred Remains"
Two years in the making. This Rome team video better be the best ever. Featuring: LNP, MFR, Lucas Debari, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, Rusty Ockenden, Johnny Lazz, Will Lavigne and Marie Hucal. TrailerVideo

Special Blend, Forum, Four Square: "Vacation"
Another team video, yes, but check out the team: Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Andreas Wiig, Nic Sauvé, Stevie Bell and John Jackson, and youngbloods Daniel Ek, Cameron Pierce, Niko Cioffi, Austen Sweetin and Alek Oestreng. TrailerVideo

FODT: "Familia 2"
Everybody loves MFM, and this is his baby. FODT is heavily urban, but with tight editing and just enough pow to keep the purists happy. Featuring: Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Marc Frank Montoya, Andrew Brewer, Jake Devine, Johnnie Paxson, Derek Dennison, Jonah Owen, and more. TrailerVideo

The People Crew: "Good Look"
We're betting there's going to be some rail shredding in here. We're also betting it's going to be epic. Featuring: JP Walker, Eero Niemela, Eric Jackson, Joe Sexton, Simon Chamberlain, Shaun McKay, Lauri Heiskari, Heikki Sorsa, Aaron Biittner, Torstein Horgmo and friends. TrailerVideo

8Mile: "Vacay"
Canada's other fun-time crew. Featuring: Mikey Rencz, Andrew Geeves, Dustin Craven, Kale Stephens, Jody Wachniak, Kevin Griffin, Charles White, Devun Walsh, Benji Ritchie, Eero Niemela, Logan Haubrich and friends. TrailerVideo

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