Gear: Naklin base layers

Every time we turn around it seems like Kevin Jones is getting involved with developing another snowboard brand that's tuned to the soul of our culture. Case in point: along with co-founder Abe Gilreath (Mission Six founder), he's launching a new base layer brand that's focused on the big-mountain, high-performance-demanding hike-and-ride demographic. They call it Naklin, and it's due to drop Aug. 2012.

Naklin designs premium base layer apparel geared for the big mountain freestyle and backcountry riders. They've developed a hybrid fabric called Isothermal, which is a balanced blend of naturally temperature regulating Merino wool and a moister-wicking-engineered polyester fiber. Without getting overly techy (well maybe a little), Gilreath explains how it works:

"Isothermal bonds a layer of the engineered polyester onto a merino wool layer to create two distinct layers that work together to provide a super soft, warm and dry base layer garment. This unique polyester has round cross sections in the surface of the fiber, which spread the moisture out over a 20 percent greater surface area than basic polyesters for quick moister evaporation. This engineered layer creates a dry super and soft next-to-skin layer.

"Simultaneously, the outer Merino wool layer works with the next-to-skin layer to further evaporate moister, because Merino fibers can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in moisture and are extremely breathable, allowing air to circulate for quick drying. Merino wools naturally high heat-to-weight ratio also adds a thermal value to our base layer for cold-to-freezing conditions."

Naklin is a brand for the mountain enthusiast or what they call "Post X gamers." According to Gilreath, "Post X gamers are backcountry and big-mountain riders that carry their love of the mountains off the snow into other lifestyle actives such as trail running, climbing, and/or biking."

Pro snowboarder Kevin Jones and Gilreath are the founders, and Lonnie Kauk is the first brand ambassador to join on. Gilreath believes it's the lifestyle and perspective of guys like Jones and Kauk that makes this brand unique.

"Kevin has blended progressive freestyle riding with some of the heaviest big mountain lines ever ridden, and is one of the elite riders with solid knowledge of the mountains accompanied by a high level of technical riding skills," says Gilreath. "Lonnie on any given day can be found hiking a backcountry kicker in Sonora pass, lapping Mammoth's park, or climbing in the Buttermilks or Yosemite Valley.

"Naklin is a brand for riders who are looking to live an authentic mountain lifestyle. We get up everyday and test our garments in the environments that will prove or dismantle their performance and value. This makes us our own biggest critics of our garments and the most open to new innovation and creative design."

Nalkin products will range in price from $69 - $100, and be available at select retailers and online at nalkin.com in Aug. 2012.