Freebord's Day in the Bay

According to the creators of Freebord, "we started out wanting to snowboard, all year, whenever and wherever we wanted." Problem was, snow doesn't really happen all year, whenever and wherever. But riding on wheels does. So Freebord designed their latest edition to act like a snowboard on pavement. And as the brand has evolved, their goal has become to give as much control as possible to riding on the pavement.

"Our riders can carve, slide, slow down and stop whenever they want. They can go as fast or as slow as they want. They can bomb the steepest of streets or ride mellow cruisers; hit big open roads or the narrowest of sidewalks," says Freebord.

For Freebord's latest project, the brand took the team to the Bay Area of San Francisco and beyond. Because the rider's feet are strapped in, the rider has more control than a skateboard, and more snowboard-like maneuverability on the streets. And because there are extra wheels underneath the Freebord, the rider can execute frontside and backside turns with ease.

Check the video above and head over to the Freebord website for the latest.