Trefz in black & white

In the cold and the fog, the rain and the wind, when most purveyors of "surf porn" won't even extend the legs of their tripods, out there on some cliff in Santa Cruz Patrick Trefz posts up and documents the hometown heroes doing work. Flea, Barney, Ruffo. On this swell he linked up with the boys at their regular wedges. "It was good," he says, "but with all the rain the water looked sh-t brown, so it looks better if we run in black and white...and I like black and white better anyway." You can check out ESPN's Santa Cruz Stomping Grounds to find out what the town is all about, but on a day-to-day, blue-collar basis, the grittiness of Trefz's monochromatic images tells a pretty obvious story: Santa Cruz rules. (Patrick Trefz)