Pat Gudauskas

Pat Gudauskas's road to World Tour salvation hasn't been easy. Near misses and nagging injuries have played a roll, but as Gudauskas will tell you, that's all behind him now. After missing qualification in '08 by one spot, he came on strong in '09. "It's not easy to come that close and then have to refocus all your energy," he says. "The WQS is such a long season, and you put so much into it. Getting close and not making it hurt, but you have to use that as motivation." With a new sponsor on the nose of his board and a healthy outlook on life, motivation will not be an issue. His brothers will be traveling with him, and he's been around long enough to log quality water time at just about every spot on the schedule. Gudauskas is going to be dangerous just about everywhere but the golf course. (Jason Kenworthy)