Slater Brothers Surfing Invitational

The most famous in a family of good-deed doers. S. Whisper

(Cocoa Beach, FL) September 21, 2009—The World Skin Cancer Foundation's Slater Brothers Surfing Invitational is including a new and exciting venue, Surfing With the Stars. The Slater Brothers Surfing Invitational takes place in front of Coconuts on the Beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida, November 5-8, 2009.

Anyone can apply to compete with anyone of the world-class surfing professionals in this event to raise money to benefit the World Skin Cancer Foundation. There will be (9) three-man teams with their own professional surfer to compete with in the Slater Brother's Invitational.

If you're eligible, you and your partner will have eight weeks to raise a goal of $5,000 per team for The World Skin Cancer Foundation. At the end of the eight weeks, your team will be able to pick a pro surfer from the list of athletes below based on the amount of money raised per team. For example, the teams will be placed 1st-9th.

First place will be the team that raises the most money and will have first pick of the pool of athletes participating from the list below. Ninth place will have last pick from the list below. The following professional surfers will be included as the pool of surfers to choose from:

The Slater Brothers (Kelly, Sean and Skippy)
CJ Hobgood
Sunny Garcia
Dane Reynolds
Todd Holland
Asher Nolan
Shea Lopez

You will choose and meet your pro at a private luncheon on November 5th. At that time, you will practice with your pro and plan-out your competitive strategies.

On the day of competition, every team will surf a 20-minute heat and each team member will be scored on their two best waves. The criteria of the winning team will be determined by the overall average of surf team scores and money raised. How it works, money raised is valued at 60% of overall score and competition scores are valued at 40% of overall score.

Free skin cancer screenings will be offered as a public service and to provide those without access to medical care an opportunity to be examined and educated. Finally, through promoting the incorporation of UV awareness education into school curriculums and programs, an effort will be made to inform the youth about sun damage and change cultural views of sun exposure and tanning.

As studies have demonstrated, such educational techniques are beneficial and effective in changing personal practices and health attitudes. The World Skin Cancer Foundation is committed to effecting such valuable changes in Brevard County, the United States, and communities around the world. If you are interested in participating in this year's "Surfing with the Stars", please contact April Peters at 321-243-2389 or Sean Slater at 321-917-5227.