Malibu becomes World Surfing Reserve

Malibu earns the distinction as the first protected area. Getty

Save The Waves Coalition, the National Surfing Reserves Australia and the International Surfing Association have announced that Malibu Surfrider Beach will be the first World Surfing Reserve. The preservation project aims to create general awareness about the local surf break. A preservation plan will be presented at the enshrinement ceremony on October 9, 2010. A Local Stewardship Council, made up with community members, will help make environmental, cultural, social and economic decisions for the beach.

"The WSR program, inspired by UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, helps the surfing community to identify and preserve surfing heritage through their important surf breaks. Malibu makes any short list of the world's most famous beaches, and remains a reference point for much of what we think of as style in or out of the water," President of Malibu Surfing Association Michael Blum said in an official release.

Future World Surfing Reserves are planned for coastlines of Austrailia, Hawaii and many other areas worldwide. These spots are nominated through a selection process and many WSRs have been proposed on nearly every continent.