Kling and Perrow back on tour

Kling, back in the saddle, if the saddle were the ASP World Tour. ASP

TEAHUPOO, Taiarapu/Tahiti (Thursday, September 2, 2010) – Yesterday's action at the Billabong Pro Tahiti finalized the Top 32 finishers after the first five events on the 2010 ASP World Tour, and the ASP Wildcard Committee convened immediately following to allocate the two surfer wildcards for the remainder of the season.

The ASP Wildcard Committee is comprised of surfer representatives, an international panel of ASP doctors and ASP officials.

The two wildcards for the back half of the 2010 ASP World Tour have been allocated to Kieren Perrow (AUS), 33, and Gabe Kling (USA), 30.

Perrow, who suffered a pre-season injury which he endured through the first three events of the year, ranked highest out of the three wildcard applications by the international panel of ASP doctors, stating that his injury unquestionably hindered his ability to perform.

At the end of the 2009 ASP World Tour season, the ASP Wildcard Committee informed then-unsuccessful applicants Josh Kerr (AUS), 26, and Gabe Kling (USA), 30, that they would be eligible for wildcards at the midyear point this season. They were also informed that should a decision need to be made between them, the deciding factor would be their ASP World Ranking position when the ASP midyear field reduction had been finalized.

As there was only one wildcard position available following the allocation to Perrow, Kling was awarded the second position, holding spot No. 27 on the ASP World Rankings with 11,328 points. Kerr, as of the yesterday completion of the midyear field reduction, is currently sitting at No. 29 on the ASP World Rankings with 10,988 points.

Injury replacements for the remainder of the season will be allocated to the next highest ranked surfers from the first half of the 2010 ASP World Tour season.

First Replacement: Tom Whitaker (AUS), 30, finished No. 33 on ASP World Tour
Second Replacement: Dean Morrison (AUS), 29, finished No. 34 on ASP World Tour

Following the completion of the 2010 ASP World Tour season, with the Billabong Pipeline Masters in Hawaii, the 2011 ASP Top 34 will be comprised of the Top 22 finishers from the ASP World Tour, the next Top 10 finishers from the ASP World Rankings as well as two surfer wildcards.