Munich legalizes surfing in Eisbach River

Surfers can now legally surf the Eisbach River. Getty

The city of Munich legalized surfing in the Eisbach River in urban Germany. According to the German newspaper Deustche Welle, surfers have been surfing the cold waters of the man-made river illegally until Munich's Environment Secretary Joachim Lorenz and city officials stepped in to finally allow surfers to legally surf the wave.

"It adds to the image of the city. We're a cosmopolitan city that loves sports, and we're proud to have what is probably the world's largest urban surfing spot," Lorenz said to the Deustche Welle.

Eisbach or "icy brook" never reaches water temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit yet almost 100 surfers daily surfed the urban river waves. Veteran surfer Carsten Kurmis was no stranger to the cold temps and was happy that he can officially surf the Eisbach without legal concern.

"There were times when we really had problems with the police," Kurmis told the Deustsche Welle. "We lost the joy of surfing because we'd have to keep one eye on the wave and one eye on the street in case an officer came."

An organization called Surfing in Munich, spent three years fighting legalize surfing in the river. They are currently trying to get authorization for two other spots in Germany.