Video: Kyle Loza talks Best Trick

After pulling out of Best Trick at the very last minute at X Games 16, due to a supposed nagging wrist injury, fans and industry insiders were beginning to assume that three gold medals is all Kyle Loza would own. He looked to be on his way out of the spotlight, making room for some of the crazy new kids coming up in the game. Known for his innovative body varial tricks like the Volt and Electric Doom, it seemed like he had finally hit the ceiling of what's possible on a dirt bike. He had a few new tricks in his arsenal that he had taken to the foam pit, like the bike flip and decade air (made possible by fully rotational handlebars), but when it came time to throw them to dirt, he was nowhere to be seen.

Now back on the bike and more determined as ever to win his fourth Best Trick gold medal, Loza has been jumping in his rebuilt foam pit on a daily basis, trying to nail down a rumored three-to-four top secret tricks that have never been done before.

We hooked up with Loza during one of his training sessions, and though were weren't able to get a good look at what he was working on, we did get to sit him down and get his thoughts on sitting out X Games 16 and how he plans to redeem himself at X Games 17. Check it out.