Hart and Stenberg rip Speed and Style

Introduced at the 2008 ESPN Moto X World Championships, Speed and Style has developed legs and become one of X Games' most exciting moto events. Year after year the field goes through changes, and this year it's more FMX based than ever before. As you know, most FMX riders don't have the access to ride a Supercross track during the year, but the ones who do have a leg up on their competition. And those who have an exact replica of the track that will be in Staples Center will have an almost-unfair advantage over their competition.

Well, Carey Hart has done just that. Utilizing a small portion of Wyvern Ranch's property -- the former Red Bull Compound and home course of Lance Coury -- Hart commissioned X Games track builder Randy Menenga to build an exact replica of the 2011 Speed and Style track. Thanks to TransWorld MX, we had a chance to sneak a peak at Hart and Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg getting their practice on. Unfortunately we had to leave some shots out, as they didn't want anyone to figure out their unique line selection. Man, this Speed and Style thing is becoming serious business ...