2012 Real Street: Bobby Worrest

Front board on a bump-to-bar in Bobby's hometown of Washington, D.C. Real Street ยป Matt Price

One of our nation's finest, Bobby Worrest, is asking for your vote. Bobby and Allen Danze put together a minute of pure shredding for Bobby's Real Street video part. Bobby might not have gotten away with any Pulaski footage in this one but he did come through with some amazing footage for this year's Real Street. Check out Bobby's campaign video and go VOTE!

ESPN: What's up Bobby?
Bobby: Nothing much, just watching this movie.

What movie?
"The Pathfinder." I couldn't find anything else when I was going through my parents' stuff.

Where are you at right now?
I'm at my parents' house looking for movies.

I heard you might be moving out to San Francisco soon.
I'm going to try to be out there by the end of summer. See how it goes and just take it from there.

Who are you moving out there with?
I don't even know yet. I haven't put too much planning into it.

Is it permanent or temporary?
I don't really know. I've tried to do it before and it's always temporary.

Let's talk about Real Street.

Who did you vote for?
Myself. Every vote counts, right? I'm playing. I know Silas will have some ill stuff, but come on now... I'm not voting.

Whose part were you most excited to see this year?
Silas for sure.

Who's gonna win Real Street this year?
Probably Nyjah Huston.

Did you have any run-ins with the law filming your part?
Yeah, every time I skate in DC the cops are after me. I tried to film at Pulaski but that didn't work out this time.

Is it a super bust again?
They kicked out all the occupiers so it's wide open again. We can skate sometimes but the park police came back super hard after the occupiers left.

What's the best thing about being in a video contest like Real Street compared to a normal contest?
You can take your time to make a part and that's easier than a one-minute run for me. I personally would rather see a one-minute video part of your best stuff than a run any old day.

Is Krooked working on a new video this year?
Yeah, there are talks about it. We got a cool trip coming up to Denver soon. It's four former guest board guys and the team. That will be a cool trip and we are making a video, just piling up footage right now.

What shoes are you skating in right now?
I'm skating in some Vans right now.

Best advice to give someone in Real Street?
Get your Instagram followers up, dog. It's the only way you are going to win.