College football roundtable: Best fight song

We continue our national roundtable series with a fun look at which school has the best fight song in each Power 5 conference. This topic is sure to inspire debate among fan bases across the country. Here's how our panel voted:

ACC: Florida State

FSU gets a bit of an edge here for its dual-threat combo: its fight song and its famous war chant. Both are formidable on their own, but together the Seminoles boast an unmatched spirit in the ACC when it comes to this category. The war chant, in particular, gets an entire stadium involved. (Hat tip to quasi-ACC member Notre Dame, which might have the most recognizable fight song in the nation. The Celtic Chant is pretty cool, too.) -- Matt Fortuna

Big Ten: Michigan

Written by Michigan student Louis Elbel after a thrilling victory over the University of Chicago in 1898, "The Victors" is one of the most instantly recognizable tunes in sports. No less an expert than John Philip Sousa reportedly once called it the best college fight song of all time. The signature "Hail" in the lyrics has become a rallying cry for the entire university over the years. Even if the lines boasting about Michigan being "the champions of the West" makes little sense to a modern audience, "The Victors" is an undeniable classic. – Brian Bennett

Big 12: Oklahoma

Few songs scream college football like Oklahoma's "Boomer Sooner." One of the most recognizable fight songs in the nation, Oklahoma's signature anthem was written by Arthur M. Alden in 1905 after he used the tune from Yale's "Boola, Boola" as a starting point. A year later, a line from North Carolina's "I'm Tarheel born" was added and the creation of "Boomer Sooner" was complete. Now it's unmistakable to any college football fan and the Big 12's best fight song. – Brandon Chatmon

Pac-12: USC

USC is the class of the Pac-12 when it comes to fight songs, and that's not just because "Fight On," the school's official fight song, is one of college football's classics. Despite the legend that "Fight On" was played from the deck of a transport ship during a World War II battle in the Pacific, the song might not always be the one most people associate with USC. That distinction could belong to "Tribute to Troy" (likely to get stuck in your head) or "Conquest." Runner up: Utah's "Utah Man." – Kyle Bonagura

SEC: Tennessee

Is there a more iconic song in college football than "Rocky Top"? Technically, it's not Tennessee's official fight song. (That would be "Down the Field.") But "Rocky Top" has served as the school's unofficial fight song since it was first played at a Volunteers football game in 1972. The song, first recorded by the Osborne Brothers in 1967, became Tennessee's official state song in 1982. But there's nothing quite like hearing 100,000 people sing the tune together inside Neyland Stadium on a Saturday in the fall. – Greg Ostendorf