Virginia Tech uniforms get a makeover

Things were already going to look different this fall at Virginia Tech, as the football team is being run by someone other than Frank Beamer for the first time in 30 years. But now the Hokies are getting uniform makeovers as well.

The school announced a brand refresh over the weekend, giving uniformity to all 22 of its athletic teams.

The brand page on the school’s athletic website has a five-minute video of athletic director Whit Babcock and others talking about what went into the Nike redesign, along with manifestos on the department’s mission, brand, logo, colors and typeface. And, of course, there are photo galleries of the actual new uniforms for each sport.

The most striking difference for the football team’s jerseys is definitely the numbering, which is in a completely different font from the Hokies’ jerseys in recent years. Another nice touch is the gloves’ addition of the school’s famous Pylons, which stand on campus and honor every Virginia Tech student and alum who died in war.