'Follow' Coach Coley

My colleague Bruce Feldman wrote an interesting piece on Twitter in regards to recruiting, and at the center of it was Florida State tight ends coach James Coley. I follow 'Coach Coley,' and Feldman is right: Even if recruits don't choose their school based on Coley's Tweets, it's a sure-fire way to get them to remember who he is. Check out some of his Tweets, per Feldman's story:

1. Are U out there? Are U listening to what I'm TWEETING? Do U HATE me or just FEAR what we're doing? It's OUR world, OUR time, and OUR 2010!!!

2. 561 GREAT seeing U today!!!! There's nothing like So Fla I'm in the 305 2morrow. SPEAR or get SPEARED mind set!!! Can't stop the inevitable!

3. We have just claimed "SEMINOLE COUNTRY" and your in IT!!! "The SWAGGER will not be televised".

4. Think something BIG happened today? IT DID!!!!! The TAKEOVER is underway - MaKE way for the YEAR of the SPEAR!!!!!!

Ah, unabashed recruiting. Coley and his crew have -- what's that word -- modernized Florida State recruiting, and this is the perfect example of it. Under Jimbo Fisher, Florida State's staff has had a plan, a methodical way of luring in some of the top talent in the country. Other coaches throughout the conference should be concerned, because these guys get it. All they have to do now is translate it into wins.