Virginia Tech not a top-10 team?

Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com recently released his post-spring Top 25 and the ACC has zero teams in the top 10. The Big Ten, however, has three teams -- Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio State. The ACC lost to two of those teams in bowl games last year and Miami travels to Ohio State this season. It could be a clean sweep for the Big Ten and an 0-2 record against the conference for the Canes.

As for how the ACC stacks up in Dodd's list?

No. 11 Virginia Tech

No. 13 Georgia Tech

No. 14 Miami

No. 16 Florida State

No. 24 North Carolina

At least everyone seems to agree on the same five teams, but are Virginia Tech's questions on defense enough to keep it out of the top 10 to start the season? If it weren't for the proven track record of coordinator Bud Foster, the answer would probably be yes, but Foster has rebuilt defenses before and he should be able to do it again.