FSU vs. the SEC

On Wednesday, I took a look at Clemson's overall record against SEC opponents, which prompted some to wonder how successful Florida State has been against the SEC. Well, it's not that much better than Clemson, save for winning records against LSU and Mississippi State. (I didn't count Florida State's record against South Carolina because FSU hasn't played the Gamecocks since they joined the SEC, and I didn't count FSU's record against Georgia Tech when the Jackets were in the SEC because they're in the ACC now.)


Alabama 1-2-1

Auburn 4-13-1

Florida 19-33-2

Georgia 4-6-1

Kentucky 1-4-1

LSU 7-2-0

Ole Miss 0-1-0

Mississippi State 7-2-0

Tennessee 1-1-0

Total: 44-64-6

Unlike Clemson, though, FSU can claim "been there, done that -- this decade" when it comes to conquering the ACC. The Seminoles have won 12 ACC titles or a share of it since 1991, the last time Clemson won the conference. And unlike Miami, FSU can claim a true rivalry with Florida, as the Canes haven't played the Gators on a regular basis since 1987.

If there is any substance to the notion that college football's foundation will soon be rocked and the ACC's brand name teams will be pilfered by the SEC, my guess is Florida State would be the first to receive an invitation.