Navy, Maryland -- meant to be rivals

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich
Navy and Maryland should play each other again.

It makes too much sense, considering Maryland is a short drive to RFK Stadium, where the inaugural EagleBank Bowl will be held on Dec. 20, and Navy is about the same distance. It makes sense because they played each other in the 2005 season opener and it was a great game. It makes sense because they're scheduled to play each other in 2010.

AND ...

Because it's way too much fun to let the little zingers between the schools go unnoticed.

They've been going back and forth for the past few years, and it all started when Maryland was picked for the Champs Sports Bowl in 2006 and Navy felt snubbed because the Terps opted for Orlando instead of facing the Midshipmen in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte.

As long as the two programs have been talking about playing each other or even NOT playing each other, there's usually a subtle little jab, and it often comes from Navy AD Chet Gladchuk.

This time, it's because Maryland says it cannot play in the EagleBank Bowl because it's their last day of exams. To that, Gladchuk responded:

"We have exams that week, too, but we're going to show up," Gladchuk said. "Everybody has an excuse why they can't do this or can't do that. We're finding a way to accommodate the bowl's situation."

Except for the fact that Gladuck doesn't want a rematch, which eliminates Wake Forest from the picture.

Considering it's the LAST day of fall semester exams, you would think not every player on the roster has a test that day. In fact, I'd be surprised if half the team even actually had a test that day. It's hard to believe that men's basketball and baseball make it through their seasons without having to tinker with an exam schedule. Maryland has figured this out before, it can figure it out again.

After all, Maryland and Navy are natural rivals, starting at the top.