The ACC's top 5 most bitter rivalries

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Trying to find five legitimate, smashmouth, prank-worthy, we-hate-them-games was not easy in this conference.

Here are the ones that seem to get the most ire out of fans, players and coaches. Feel free to tell me what I'm missing. (Duke/Carolina? Please. Does it say March on your calendar?)

1. Florida State vs. Miami: This game doesn't draw the national attention it used to, but it still draws out the best in our Florida friends. The Seminoles have won two of the past three, but Miami leads the series 30-22-0.

2. Virginia vs. Virginia Tech: The most exciting matchup between these two schools was last season, when the Coastal Division crown was on the line. The Hokies have won eight of the last nine, and lead the series 47-37-5. They've also got possession of the coveted Commonwealth Cup.

3. Miami vs. Virginia Tech: This one was bigger when both schools were in the Big East, but their history is part of what makes it intriguing. They've gone 4-4 against each other this decade, but Miami leads the series 16-9.

4. North Carolina vs. NC State: This one is most interesting to people within the Triangle, but it's a rivalry game fair and square, and it's been going on since 1894. UNC leads the series 63-28-6 and has won three of the past four.

5. Florida State vs. Clemson: This one obviously became more interesting during Tommy Bowden's tenure, and he has won four of the past five. FSU leads the series 15-6-0.