Top games to watch -- just not in the ACC

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

I was just checking out Bruce Feldman's Top 10 must-see games of 2008, but I can't ... seem ... to find ... any ACC games on this list.

He's got compelling arguments for each of these matchups, but there is at least one that could be replaced with a legit ACC matchup.

Yes, the LSU/Appalachian State game on Aug. 30 will be watched because of what happened to Michigan last year, and the hype surrounding App State QB Armanti Edwards, but the game in the Georgia Dome should be better. Somehow, I don't think the Tigers have to worry about their home win streak, but Clemson needs to worry about not losing this game and starting off a much-anticipated season with a thud.

The only other one I might swap would be Washington/Notre Dame. There is definitely justification for watching this one if you're the kind of person who just can't help but tap on the brakes when you see a fender bender on the side of the road. The best games in the ACC that week (Oct. 25) though are Virginia Tech at Florida State and Wake Forest at Miami.

Might want to think about putting on the brakes.