Georgia Tech recruiting overview

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson will be the first to tell you that if an athlete excels in his system, he can excel in any system.

It's up to Johnson, though, to sell that to recruits.

Former wide receiver Demaryius Thomas should help that effort, as he is proof that a receiver in Johnson's system can get enough looks to catch the eye of the NFL. But Georgia Tech's staff faces a few challenges in recruiting because of the unique spread option offense the Jackets run. Offensive recruits are leading the way so far in the 2010 class, now it's time for the staff to turn its attention to players who will fit into defensive coordinator Al Groh's 3-4 scheme. (Meanwhile at Virginia, Mike London and his staff are trying to find players to make the switch back to a 4-3).

While there are certain characteristics Georgia Tech is looking for in its recruits (i.e. tough, durable quarterbacks, mobile offensive linemen), Johnson's first two seasons showcased several talented players who went on to the NFL. Yes, they were Chan Gailey's recruits, but that's further proof that if they're truly good athletes, they'll flourish in any system, and that's what Johnson is looking for.