Friday mailbag

Whaddup, ACC fans. Here we go ...

Jimmy in Damascus, Md., writes: Heather, just took the bar exam in College Park yesterday and the day before (yikes!). When I was finished and went to my car - I was parked in the garage next to Cole Field House and Stamp - I got a good look in on some of the voluntary players-only workouts. I have to say, there was a ton of enthusiasm, and everybody was hollering, laughing, and seemed genuinely excited to be there. Certainly supports the impression I've been getting from media reports and the like that the 2-10 season is making everyone more motivated rather than worried. Do you think the impression is legitimate, or just window dressing? And do you think they would be able to stay motivated if the Navy game goes poorly? They really seemed to lose their heart last season after MTSU.

HD: Good for you, Jimmy, because you'll need a lawyer if Ralph finds out you were peeking. But yes, from talking to several of the players I get that impression as well. These guys were embarrassed by last season and they're pretty determined not to let it happen again. As for the Navy game, it's going to set the tone for the season and I think a loss will be tough to bounce back from.

Matthew in New York writes: Can the fact that BC has 4 all-ACC players put to rest the myth that BC is less talented than other top tier schools (only UNC had more)? It seems to me the fact that BC's players are less heralded recruits sticks with them throughout their careers, when all it really should do is show the fallacy of recruiting rankings.

HD: Agreed, but you know what proved that more than the preseason all-conference ballots? How BC played against USC (very well, despite the loss). Here's the thing, though: That staff deserves credit for taking those unheralded recruits and developing them into players who could contend with the likes of the elite talent at USC. BC isn't going to get the same talent level of Miami, Florida State or USC. But it will bring in players who don't quit, whose work ethic is unmatched, and who will develop into players who can compete with anyone.

Steve in Glenn Allen, Va., writes: Heather, having just read that Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) referred to a social networking site as "Facemask" at the SEC meetings, who's the most tweet/network illiterate coach in the ACC? And who has embraced it the most?

HD: Ha ... hmm, David Cutcliffe's last Tweet appears to be from last October. FSU's CoachColey want's to know if you've "got a SPEAR in your life?"

Bruce in Chicago, Ill., writes: Thanks for calling Tyrod Taylor "an average quarterback" in your chat today. Now if you could only write something about Ryan Williams being overrated, I think my Hokies will have all the motivation they need for Sept. 6.

HD: He's not Michael Vick!

Johnny in Ft. Mill, S.C., writes: Do you think VT will be able to upset The U at Miami? Or is that just too hard of a game for the hokies?

HD: Depends, will they have Michael Vick?

Jeff in Milwaukee writes: Heather - I'll give you $20 for that CP7 notebook....

HD: Sold ...