And the survey says ...

July, 30, 2008

Posted by's Heather Dinich

Every now and then you find something buried in a media guide that takes you beyond the stats and let's you get to know the players a little bit.

I found it on page 37 of Georgia Tech's media guide. The players were surveyed about uniforms, scheduling and their teammates, and came up with some interesting responses.

Here's a sampling:

• The majority of players (21 percent) prefer the uniform combo of white helmet, blue jersey and white pants.

• The team they would most likely see added to the schedule is Southern Cal (22 votes).

• Correy Earls was voted the fastest (56 percent).

• Best dresser -- Andrew Smith (31 percent)

• Best singer -- Cord Howard (37 percent)

• Best dancer -- Brad Jefferson (16 percent)

• Eats the most -- Dan Voss (24 percent)

• Will surprise in '08 -- Roddy Jones (28 percent)

They also did a celebrity look-alike. My favorite -- Zach Krish and Bobby, from King of the Hill. Dead-on.

For more, check it out online. It's page 39 there.

OK that's it for now for Georgia Tech. Moving onto North Carolina tomorrow. The Tar Heels start practice Friday. And of course, there will be other stuff, too.



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