Did Bud Foster 'blame the offense' for last year's OB?

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

David Teel of the Daily Press posted a few comments on his Monday blog from Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster that raised a few eyebrows:

"We felt the last two years we've given the bowls away," Foster said Saturday, referring to the Kansas loss and Chick-fil-A Bowl meltdown against Georgia in 2006. "I thought last year, and I told coach [Frank] Beamer this, we had our best bowl practices in all the time that I've been here as a defense.

"And I thought we played that way. They [Kansas] got a touchdown on a defensive score and they got a 2-yard drive. That was 14 of their 24 points, and that was against a team averaging 50 points going into the game."

Teel questions whether Foster was right to "publicly absolve the defense and blame the offense," but I doubt that was his intent. More likely, Foster was just trying to give props to his defense.

Foster is pretty good at telling it like it is, and he's right: In last year's Orange Bowl, Kansas scored off an interception return, another interception return set up a 2-yard touchdown, and yet another led to a Kansas field goal. When you throw three picks (Sean Glennon had two, Tyrod Taylor one), you are giving it away, but Foster's point here is how well the defense played against a high-flying offense. Besides, the Hokies had more first downs, more rushing yards and a fairly balanced offense in that game. They also missed two field goals (one was blocked).

It would be hard to find anyone outside OR inside the program who would disagree with Foster, Glennon included.

Here's what Glennon said after the game (I kept the final stat pack, which includes quotes and notes):

"You can't expect to win a BCS game if you don't win the turnover battle," Glennon said. "We put our defense in a bind."

If anyone called out the offense, it was Glennon.