ACC mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Michael, writes: Is there any word on Spiller's return to Clemson? He said he'd stay if Swinney was hired as headcoach. Is this true?

Heather Dinich: Yes, that's true. Spiller has said repeatedly that if Swinney got the job, he would stay, and Swinney's recent hires have had a positive influence on him. Never say never, though. Spiller submitted his papers to the NFL draft advisory, and at this time last year, James Davis was holding a news conference to say he was staying, then changed his mind and said he was leaving, and then on the last day to withdraw, took his name out.

Jason, in Tallahassee, writes: FSU is not losing a lot of players but the ones we "may" lose are the playmakers and no matter what we will be losing the best players on each team (Special-Gano/Defense-Brown/Offense-Smith/Parker).With the uncertainty of the returning playmakers for FSU, how do you think it will effect the production of our team as a whole. Any thoughts?

Heather Dinich: Don't forget about Greg Carr. Actually, though, FSU has a strong nucleus returning on offense, so I think they'll be OK there, and Jermaine Thomas has gotten enough experience this season that he should make a smooth transition into Antone Smith's shoes. Plenty of young receivers -- Bert Reed and Taiwan Easterling -- got valuable time. I haven't seen anything about Everette Brown making his decision yet. If he has and I missed it, I apologize. Collectively, though, I don't see there being much of a drop-off.

Jack, in Mechanicsburg, Pa., writes: First things first, I know any athlete must fulfill academic requirements in order to play a sport, no matter if they've graduated or not, and Marshman didn't do that. His suspension is his own doing, but I do feel a little bit of sympathy for him considering he'll miss his last game in a Hokie uniform and he had already graduated. Seriously though, I hope his classes were the most difficult Virginia Tech has to offer, because this is embarassing for himself, the team, and the school.

Heather Dinich: I couldn't have put it better myself.

Eric, writes: You say that Stewart Mandel is probably right on by predicting the ACC to go 5-5? Well, Jesse Palmer picked the ACC to go 9-1 on ESPN the other night. I think he also does this for a living. So please don't act like everyone thinks the ACC is going to be "average" in the bowl games. So people are actually going out on a limb and predicting the ACC to represent itself well.

Heather Dinich: Hey, if the ACC goes 9-1, I'll be the first to give the conference credit for it. Promise.