T.J. Yates taking control

ATLANTA -- For all of the North Carolina fans who crucified quarterback T.J. Yates before he even took the field tonight, feel free to apologize now.

Yates threw a 75-yard pass to Jheranie Boyd for first-and-goal at the 5-yard-line. He has shown tonight that he's better, that he's capable of leading this team when it's at its lowest, and that he can compete with LSU's fast, talented secondary -- the strength of the Tigers' team. Had Devon Ramsay been able to hold onto the ball in the end zone, UNC would have scored another touchdown. Instead, they had to "settle" for a field goal and a 10-7 lead.

Raise your hand if you thought I'd write "UNC" and "lead" tonight.

I'll admit I didn't.

But these Tar Heels are out to prove me wrong.