Odds n' ends from Florida State

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Two bits of news out of Tallahassee: First, an announcement is expected at some time today regarding coach Bobby Bowden's contract.

Bowden and athletic director Randy Spetman have agreed in principle to a one-year extension. This shouldn't come as any surprise, as Bowden said about a month ago he planned to return, and his contracts have been done on a one-year basis instead of five. (I think they started doing that when they announced the head-coach-in-waiting plan).

Also, backup quarterback D'Vontrey Richardson is moving to safety. I don't think this will hurt the Noles too much, as offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher is currently trying to recruit a quarterback or two to help the depth there, and the Noles still have starter Christian Ponder and highly touted redshirt freshman E.J. Manuel. Yes, they are the only two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, but they are two very good, legitimate options.

Fisher is very high on Manuel, as he was Fisher's first hand-picked quarterback as offensive coordinator, and Ponder will only get better with experience. Richardson probably saw the writing on the wall, and the staff seems to be OK with this move and the fact he is playing baseball. There haven't been any public objections to Richardson playing baseball like there were last season.

Here is what Fisher told Warchant.com:

Q: After going back and forth, it sounds like D'Vontrey Richardson is determined to move to safety this spring. Is that OK with the coaching staff, even though it only leaves you with two scholarship quarterbacks?

A: That's what he wants to do, and that's fine. He's too good of an athlete to not play. If there was an emergency, we could bring him back in a heartbeat. But he could have a future at a lot of places, and that's what he wants to do, so he's going to do it.

Q: So it's more of a case that he just wants to get on the field than a concern that he isn't progressing at quarterback.

A: That's exactly right. He's a great young man, and he's got great talent. He's too good to not play.

So, if the coaches aren't troubled by Richardson's graceful exit from the position, fans probably shouldn't be too worried, either.