Pillow fight in Winston-Salem

Wake Forest went to the half with a 10-6 lead over Georgia Tech thanks in large part to Brandon Pendergrass' run up the middle on fourth down. The Yellow Jackets are again struggling on defense and Wake Forest has once again tried all of its healthy options at quarterback, relying the most on the mobility of Skylar Jones.

On Georgia Tech's final possession of the first half, the Jackets weren't able to convert on third down because receiver Stephen Hill couldn't make the play. At some point, Joshua Nesbitt's receivers have to help him out. Orwin Smith did that in the third quarter, catching a 14-yard pass on third-and-15. The Jackets were able to sustain the drive on fourth-and-one.

Would you believe Wake Forest has more rushing yards and Georgia Tech has more passing yards?

The difference so far has been turnovers, with Georgia Tech continuing to have trouble holding onto the ball for the second straight week.