ACC Mailblog: GT vs. VT

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Matt in Baltimore writes: Heather, You forgot to mention in your discussion of the best backfield in the ACC a few key Virginia Tech Football players: Kenny Lewis Jr. - who will be back from an injury and was the opening day starter last year Greg Boone - Even though he is technically a tight end, he took a lot of snaps running the ball towards the end of the season. And by the way, he is an athletic 280lbs. David Wilson - If he isn't redshirted, he will be an absolute stud at Virginia Tech. I find it hard to believe that after all these players you and I mentioned that GT's backfield is better.

Heather Dinich: You're right, Matt, my bad. But wait, there's more! (That's my SlapChop reference) ...

Ben in Carrolton, Ga. wrote: Heather, I thoroughly enjoyed your article on GT's 2009 backfield with quotes from Anthony Allen. I just wanted to point out that 2 significant contributors were missing from the article: Marcus Wright and Embry Peeples, both of whom got playing time as true freshman at the A-Back position. Cox and Dwyer are bruisers who are more natural B-Backs, but due to Jonathan Dwyer being entrenched at B-Back will see extensive time at the A-Back spots. Wright and Peeples are more in the mold of PJ's A-Backs at Navy - smaller, but extremely fast. Marcus Wright may very well be the fastest player on the GT roster, and would have to be in the discussion when talking about the best blocker at any of the RB positions.

Heather Dinich: I can't wait until Oct. 17. This needs to be settled on the field.

Matt in Atlanta is worried about the backs in College Park: Give some respect to maryland. Da'Rel Scott ran for over 1133 and Davin Meggett had 457 as a backup. The only reason both techs (GA and VA) had more is because they were more run based. We also had D.H.B. and also the only of the three aforementioned teams that had a QB that could actually pass. Also, DJ Adams is coming and Ive seen him play in person. He's a straight up beast. Just thought I'd try to sell you a little, maybe.

Heather Dinich: It worked, a little, maybe. But what did Darren Evans do to Maryland last year? And didn't the Terps rush for minus 12 yards against the Hokies? I think they did. I think I was there for that.

Somebody in Raleigh wrote: Heather, who will be the team to beat this upcoming '09 season and what team has the most to prove?

Heather Dinich: Until somebody proves otherwise, Virginia Tech is the team to beat. They're the defending ACC and Orange Bowl champs. Miami has the most to prove. It will be Randy Shannon's third season, and their five-game winning streak last year was evidence the talent is there to contend for the Coastal Division. It's time to take the next step.