Hokies' staff studied spread option

Virginia Tech's staff went the extra mile this past summer -- literally -- to get an edge on defending Georgia Tech's spread option offense. The Hokies have the bye week to prepare for the Yellow Jackets, but their preparation began when defensive coordinator Bud Foster traveled to Iowa to speak with the staff that held Georgia Tech to a season-low nine first downs and 156 yards in the Orange Bowl.

"Anytime you're talking with good football coaches, coaches who play good defense, I think you're going to get something out of it," said coach Frank Beamer. "We've got a good staff and here and we're certainly trying to learn from other people, how they do things. I think you're always trying to gain more knowledge, so yeah, I think it was a good trip."

Some familiarity has started to brew between the two Coastal Division programs, as the series is split at 1-1 since coach Paul Johnson was hired.

"It helps you," Beamer said. "You can refer back to what you've done in the past. Was it good, was it bad? Having seen it a couple of years helps in your preparation somewhat."

So does talking to staffs who have figured out how to stop it.