Tuesday mailblog

Step into my office:

Matt in Blacksburg writes: If my Hokies drop one of the next 2 and still manage to win at Miami and against Virginia they will still make it to Charlotte, right? How do you see the Hokies offense matching up against the Miami defense?

HD: Yes, because they'd win the tiebreaker against the Canes. You're getting ahead of me, but I think that's going to be a great matchup. It's going to be a challenge for that offensive line to hold off Allen Bailey & Co. I give the Canes the edge up front.

Luke in Garner, N.C., writes: All the talk is going to FSU, but doesn't NC State control its own destiny, too? If they win out, wouldn't they win the Atlantic?

HD: You're absolutely right because in the event of a tie, the Wolfpack would win with head-to-head results against Maryland and Florida State.

Steven in Florence, S.C., writes: Say VT makes it to the Orange Bowl, and BSU doesn't make it to the National Championship. Do you think the powers that be would invite BSU to the Orange Bowl? As a VT fan I would love another shot at those guys.

HD: And I would love to see a rematch, but most bowls have clauses that state they won't pit teams against each other that already played during the regular season.

Walker in Blacksburg writes: You say you would still pick Virginia Tech over Boise State if the two were to play today, but are there are any other ACC teams that you would pick to beat the Broncos right now?

HD: Probably Florida State and Miami. Maybe Clemson.

Robert in Chapel Hill, N.C., writes: Tyrod Taylor. No Davey O'Brien Semi-finalist. Where is the love? I know that as recently as this week you cited Tyrod as the front-runner for offensive player of the year, but where is the love outside of the ACC? How can a QB who is ranked 4th in the country in Passer Rating be left out of the top 16 by a national award?

HD: I've got a vote in that award and I voted for him. That's all I can tell you.

Kyle in Richmond, Va., writes: If VT totally blows GT out of the water next thursday, wouldn't you put VT as the clear favorite in the rest of their games?

HD: Well, it depends on what Miami does to that point. They, too, have Georgia Tech -- on the road -- before facing the Hokies.

Andrwe in Clemson writes: Now that Clemson has gotten off of this losing streak and Ellington has found his run game, how will Clemson do as they move on?

HD: I don't think Andre Ellington ever lost his run game. It was more like opposing defenses could key on him because they didn't respect the passing game. As long as Clemson gets that going down the stretch, they've got a chance at defending their division title.