Morning mailblog

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

You asked, I answered ...

Santa Fe wrote: I have to ask... How many hours per day do you spend reading, listening to, or watching ACC football and related 'news?' On that note, how much time is devoted to the happenings in other conferences? You're links and blogs are great, but, they would be even better with more content about the U...just saying.

Heather Dinich: All day every day Santa Fe. OK, not really, I also find time to eat, sleep and watch "The Office."

John in New York wrote: Heather, with BC just getting its first 2010 commitment (from a guy ranked #81 in the class by Rivals, no less), I have a question on BC recruiting. I know that the discussion of it being difficult to recruit to BC has been talked to death. But I had always thought that if anyone could sell kids on the school, it would be Coach Jags, with his energy and enthusiasm. Now there is broad speculation that replacing him with Coach Spaz (who always seemed a little less likely to me to relate with today's youth (maybe it's the mustache). So my question to you is whether you have any inside information on the comparative ability of the two men as recruiters? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Heather Dinich: Thanks for the note, John. In regards to your question about quarterback Joe Boisture, actually, I think it's the other way around. From what I understand, former coach Jeff Jagodzinski wasn't thrilled with the recruiting aspect of the college game. BC fans should have faith in Frank Spaziani's ability to recruit. He's a blue-collar guy who can walk into anyone's home and put them at ease. He'll continue to bring in the kind of players who love the game, regardless of how many "stars" they might have by their name, and will play with a chip on their shoulder to prove they're just as good as the guys getting recruited at higher-profile programs.

Brendan in College Park writes: Heather, do you take the lack of news out of College Park as a good thing or bad thing? I know Ralph has been upset with the media the last couple years, is he just holding his cards close to the chest now, or is there really just nothing going on?

Heather Dinich: Ha ... I take it as an "early March thing," Brendan. The Terps have been doing seven-on-sevens and they just had their Pro Day. They don't start spring practice until March 24, so, like a lot of schools, it's typical for this time of year.

David in Fort Myers, Fla., writes: I think its so cool that coaches like Dabo Swinney still correspond with other programs enough to take their staff over to Texas and learn some things from them. Why is it that coaches allow these sort of visits from potential rivals? Where has this commitment to sportsmanship been throughout these years of the money-hungry BCS?

Heather Dinich: Actually, David, this happens a ton. Coaches are copycats, and as long as Clemson isn't visiting South Carolina, they're a pretty close fraternity. Even coaches within the league will share some tips with each other if they're buddies.

Christine in Maryland wrote: I am a huge Maryland football fan. What is the issue? Why can't this program get it together? Is Ralph Friedgen's job on the line?

Heather Dinich: A) Recruiting. B) Six bowl appearances in eight years isn't bad. C) Not even close.

Joe in Dallas writes: Heather, As an FSU alumn, I am absolutely crushed to hear about the NCAA's penalties and the implications they have for Bobby. In your honest opinion, do you think these sanctions are fair? Don't you think this completely undermines the whole notion of self-reporting? Won't teams in the future have more incentive to try and cover up any violations? Thanks.

Heather Dinich: I think the more appropriate sanction would have been more scholarship losses. You make a good point about this possibly making programs reluctant to self-report, and to try to hold teams accountable for things they were unaware of is going to set a whole new precedent, but if they don't, then every time a program gets in trouble, the coach could say, "Hey, I didn't know" and be off the hook.