Tuesday mailblog

Step into my office:

David in San Francisco, Calif., writes: What are the odds of Duke running the table and finishing 6-6 and FINALLY making a bowl for the first time since 1994? I think BC is a winnable game (if Duke can stop the run), and Duke stopped Navy's triple option pretty well so Tech is winnable (plus their QB is injured). I know UNC is playing well, but it's rivalry game...so, yeah, a guy can dream, right? Thanks.

HD: I'm not counting it out, David, not in this league, and not with David Cutcliffe at the helm. There is one reason I don't see it happening, though: Duke's defense. It's been the main problem all year. And while BC's offense is inept, the Eagles' defense is not. It could be the difference in that game. And Duke's lack of defense will be the difference at Georgia Tech. Anything can happen against UNC, but again, it's going to be tough to stop T.J. Yates, who is having a terrific season.

Patrick in Charleston, S.C., writes: HD, as a State grad, help me decide who is the lesser evil in the FSU-Clemson game this weekend. Which outcome will help the most, assuming we can handle our own business for the next three weeks?

HD: I think it would be better for NC State if Florida State lost. That would leave Clemson and FSU with three losses each. Of course, that only matters if the Wolfpack win.

Craig in Blacksburg, Va., writes: If (when) VT wins the ACC, what opponent would provide the most intriguing Orange Bowl matchup?

HD: Personally, I would like to see the Hokies play Boise State again. That was one of the best games of the season and I think it would go down to the wire again.

Marvin in Oxford, N.C., writes: Hey Heather,Love the blog. It is one of my first reads every day and I try to check a couple of times each afternoon to see what's new.I'm hoping that I am wrong and you are right here, but I think both Wake Forest and Duke are now bowl ineligible. Duke can win 6 games, and I hope they do, but isn't Elon Division II, so the season opener doesn't count toward bowl eligibility for the Blue Devils.Please tell me I'm wrong and there's still hope for one more game this season.ThanksMarvin

HD: Thanks for reading, Marvin. Wake is ineligible, but Duke still has a chance. You can always check bowl eligibility on our standings page. The teams with the asterisks are eligible, the ones with X's are not.

Patrick in Morgantown, W.V., writes: Since the formation of the coastal and atlantic divisions, which division has had the better record in interdivision match ups?

HD: Atlantic leads, barely, 55-54 heading into this week.

Luke in Tenn. writes: HD, A win is a win and Clemson managed to hold on against NCST. As an avid Tigers fan, however, I am still incredibly dissappointed with the way this year has turned out. The team has no consistency and NO identity on offense. Does bowl eligibility this season really turn down the heat on Dabo's seat for another year? I see a poorly coached team failing to execute even the most basic plays. (4 missed field goals, 6 TO's and 2 TD's in two games!!!) Someone should be held accountable.

HD: I agree that Clemson should be doing more with the talent it has, but the Tigers are also in the mix to defend their Atlantic Division title. I don't think this staff should be feeling too much heat just yet.