ACC making a comeback

November, 14, 2010
The ACC is making a comeback in the latest BCS standings, which were released this evening:

No. 16 Virginia Tech
No. 24 Miami
No. 25 Florida State

Finally, the Hokies are no longer the ACC's lone representative in the BCS world. In my Top 25 for this week, you'll see a flip-flop from what the BCS has. I've given credit to Florida State's win against Miami in both my Top 25 and the ACC Power Rankings. Head-to-head should count, and let's not forget the Canes lost to a 4-6 Virginia team.

We'll see if the conference can maintain these spots, as Miami hosts Virginia Tech this week and Florida State has a tough trip to Maryland. The Terps and NC State could still sneak in before the season is over. Considering they're all still playing each other, though, three might be the most we'll see this year.



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