QB choice should be easy for Al Golden

Heading into the offseason, odds are you're going to hear a lot about Miami's quarterback situation being a "wide open competition." Jacory Harris vs. Stephen Morris. Old vs. new. Past vs. potential. Interceptions vs. inexperience.

While that might be the fairest way for Al Golden to approach the situation in his first season, it's also a waste of valuable time. With all due respect to Harris -- who is a genuinely nice, well-liked and well-spoken player -- Golden couldn't possibly opt for a quarterback who threw three interceptions in seven pass attempts against Notre Dame.

Harris finished this season with 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He threw 17 interceptions in 2009. Instead of progressing, Harris has continued to be a turnover liability, and Golden can't afford that in his first season.

Harris has said that he has no intentions of transferring, and that's good news, because the lack of depth and quality at the position means Golden can't afford that, either. With a new offensive coordinator coming in, the sooner Morris can begin learning the new terminology and philosophies, the better.

Miami needs a quarterback of the future, and Harris' time has passed.